Friday, September 20, 2013

Pom pom hat

I am a little obsessed with Ros Badgers book. I am now on my second project and are ready to start the third as soon as this one is done.
It is still considered summer here, one more day to go! So maybe it is a little too early for a winter pom pom hat.  I just can't help it. I love to crochet, it gives me such peace to just sit there and see project after project grow in my hands. :) and this one was quick and easy. Started out while watching my son practice soccer and finished it the next morning.

I think she looks adorable, but she claims that this is too tight a design for her, she prefers a long poffy one. Maybe we will be working on that next.

I tried out the trim in a bright red color.  Did not work well. So ended up with a more traditional white trim and pom pom.

I still think that the little pom pom making "machines" from Clover is absolutely amazing. It takes no time to make a pom pom and they very conveniently become exactly identical every time.  So much easier than the cardboard version.

...and the final result.  I think; maybe a christmas present? Not sure for who though, yet.  Showed it to my nephew and told him that it would be for him for Christmas and his only comment was, that he was so glad that he isn't going to spend Christmas with me and have to fake to be happy for this lovely little hat. Ok maybe he is right. This doesn't scream cool 21 year old.

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