Monday, September 16, 2013

Christmas in September.

It sounds crazy but the holiday season is approaching quickly.  I have spend some time over the summer to think about what to do in order to get my little craft business started up properly.  That initiated a discussion with my husband about how to create a christmas tree of "something" metal as I had this idea of creating different trees to show off different color combinations, of some of the christmas ornaments that I make.  After an interesting trip to my hubby's favorite store Home Depot we started out with this:

The base was made of two metal rings on top of each other with a 12 inch large nail in the middle. My husband "glued" it together with some epoxy putty. Not my favorite, but the Home Depot specialist insisted that this was the only thing that would work.  After some drying time, Hubby started to assemble the nails with some metal wire.

Then it was my turn to have a go and we ended up with this little tree.

A bunch of ornaments in white and black

...and this is the final result.

I am working on a paper mache version made of recycled hangers from the dry cleaner, pipe cleaners and some tissue paper. Will be right back with that one :)

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